Product: A Journey of Love, Faith, Strength, and Determination.

A Journey of Love, Faith, Strength, and Determination.

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A Journey of Love, Faith, Strength and Determination, a literary work that is both autobiographical and biographical in nature. It recounts the Jackson family’s ancestry to the ninth generation and the lives of fourteen siblings raised in a two-parent household. It relives the time from a life of farming that never yielded any financial benefits to a move to the North. The move was in pursuit of a better life and the fulfillment of a Mother’s dream for her children. The siblings never dwelled on the thought that they deserved better, just believed they could do better. And better they did!

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Hardback and Paperback

Hardback, Paperback

8 reviews for A Journey of Love, Faith, Strength, and Determination.

  1. Mattie P. Sanders

    How does a Two-Biological Parent Household birth and raise fourteen children, teach them to love, to be strong, to hold onto hope, to establish faith in a Being Greater than any man and finally through determination teach them to pursue a goal or manifestation through to the end? Well, they were pushed and prodded by their Mother (not so much their Father) to spread their wings and rise out of a depressed and raciest South to migrate North to New Jersey leaving the raciest South thinking that it had demoralized them, but in reality, it had only made their thirst for success in education, health, travel, humanitarianism and self-discovery more effective. Purchase this book today, its contents are an eye opener, a game changer and an electric shock if you happen to be human.
    —Mattie P. Sanders—Author of Look Beyond the Smile

  2. Charlyn Kelly Auzenne

    Provocative, insightful and honest depiction of family and individual growth through adversity, lack and abundance. The dynamics of the family are quite revealing. Yet, as in most families there is love, support and forgiveness. The love and encouragement of a loving Mother is the road that leads to the determination of the brothers and sisters to excel and not only survive, but to make a difference in their immediate surroundings and beyond. This book should be read by all, especially youth. Hopefully, they will also develop a resilient spirit in any environment. An enthralling true story of an African American family that worked, pulled together and succeeded in a sometimes unwelcoming society. The family looked beyond any and all stumbling blocks and “kept on, keeping on”. Enjoyed reading every page. Thank you for sharing your family’s story.

  3. Mattie P. Sanders

    I give this book 5 stars simply because none of the siblings fell through the cracks, got lost or lost focus of why they were traveling North.

  4. Rudyard Bernard


  5. Walter James

    WoW! What a family! What a book about an amazing family! Through all the trials, challenges, set backs, they focused on the prize that came with finishing the journey. You did it and accomplished the journey. I really enjoyed the Back to Kenya Summary video tucked away under the ‘About the Author’ shared some amazing scenery, people, places and the music bought tears to my eyes. Thanks for sharing your personal Kenya journey recently and 50 plus years ago.

  6. Deborah Bradford

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book! Heartfelt, captivating, and such a resilient family! A must read for anyone & a reminder of the power of love & family. Not to mention, they are my adopted family whom I truly love.

  7. James Greene, JCSU Class of ’67

    What a story about an incredible family. Their story is unlike any other family story that I know or read about. I’m extremely fortunate to know Grover and is a college classmate. The book is both educational and enjoyable to read although life wasn’t easy for the Jacksons. Through it all they came through the trials, tribulations and wrote about them. The challenge of birthing 14 children and raising them during the times of Black and poor families were no stroll in the park. Mrs. Jackson would make any mother proud, and her children certainly made her immensely proud. Raising children during the depression, WWII, and the Korean Conflict was a difficult time for America and more so for Black Americans living in the south and especially living on OPL (other people land) in Georgia. She promoted get an education although she didn’t attend school pass 3rd grade. Her children were raised by strong family values, work ethics and principles of earn what you get. With amazement, ten of fourteen of her children earn college degrees. My classmate was the first and others followed some both younger and older.

  8. Jackie Mason

    This book was intriguing and a refreshing reminder of God’s faithfulness. It jarred many memories of growing up in the South. I experienced a rollercoaster of emotions. I laughed, I cried….I was happy, I was sad….. and sometimes even angered; however, in the end, I was excited and amazed! I appreciate the Jackson family for sharing their journey.

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